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S. NaQuel Naturals is a woman owned and family operated business. I started this business 18 years ago to offer fresh, naturally made products at affordable prices to those with special skin issues. I have a really cute little store where our customers love to shop. This is where we make the products offered on Amazon. I now have 4 direct employees and my hubby and son are on call to help make my life more manageable by pouring their hearts in to the work they do to help us be more productive.

How we do it: We hand make every batch of product in small controlled batches of freshly naturally sourced ingredients that we are confident will improve your skin. Many times we get a customer who has tried everything and they use one of our product and they see immediate positive results. This brings US joy!

Additionally other customers we serve have special skin needs and have benefited from using more natural, gentle freshly made products and less chemicals. We believe in the power and synergy of essential oils and have experienced many lives changed by using the products we make for babies to the aged. Our immediate goal is to raise organic herbs at our location to use for infusions for our concoctions.

We hate thinking any harmful chemicals could be lurching in any of the products we offer. So shop confidently for products that we make with love to nourish and help better your SKIN!

Your S. NaQuel Team

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