Amla Hair Mist

Amla Hair Mist

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The Amla hair care line of products come in the all the same products as do the Hair A Do line and are formulated adding the Amla Oil.


Amla (aka Indian Gooseberry) is known as a wonderful cell rejuvenator. Traditionally promotes cell regeneration and is naturally anti-bacterial containing high amounts of antioxidants. Amla strengthens and helps improve circulation. Amla provides hair vitality and encourages growth.


We offer a wide variety of natural hair products that include: Hair Balms to nourish dry hair. Nourishing Oils to help saturate and mend damaged ends. Our hydrating hair mists serve as humectants to help your products adhere to hair and produce better benefit and enhance the health of hair.

We offer Organic shampoos, conditioners, stylers and hair growth products. We do not use mineral oil or petroleum in our hair care products because history has proven over a long period of time that these ingredients are not beneficial to most hair types. Hair and the scalp, like skin - an organ; respond well to natural oils that are able to penetrate, nourish, and enhance rather than sit on, suffocate, and build up on the scalp and hair.

OUR Natural, Healthy Hair products contain natural fixed oils and butters that actually benefit hair.

Our hair care products are made using some of the following natural fixed oils listed below:

  1. Sweet Almond Oil - Contains Omegas 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids. Sweet Almond Oil Help to moisturize hair and prevent breakage and damage. Sweet Almond Oil is rich in Vitamins A, B & E
  2. Avocado Oil - Rich in vitamins
  3. Argan Oil - Is rich in Vitamin E therefore is an excellent anti-oxidant for your scalp and hair. Other benefits are that it deeply conditions hair and helps alleviate dandruff to improve your scalp. Argan oil helps hair that is damaged and boots cells to encourage healthier, growing hair
  4. Castor Seed Oil - Delivers oxygen to cell sites
  5. Black Castor Oil - Nourishing, grows hair, strengthens
  6. Cocoa Butter - Rich in fatty acids, moisturizes
  7. Palm fruit - High in Oleic and Lauric acids, Rich in beta-carotene and lycopene. Contains naturally high amounts of Vitamin E and contains long chain Omega 3 fatty acid
  8. Olive Oil - Naturally lubricates hair, it stimulates, protects, provides shine and encourages growth
  9. Sunflower - Is high in Vitamins A, B & CRich in nutrients, fatty acids. Naturally contains iron, potassium, calcium. Full of Omega 9 which prevents hair from being brittle. Sunflower oil helps prevent premature hair loss.
  10. Cocoa Butter - Conditions hair and protects
  11. Shea Butter - Is the mother of moisturizers and it naturally conditions hair

Products in the Hair A Do line are described below

Sulfate free Shampoos 8 Oz - Ingredients: Sulfate free base, Avocado Oil, Rosemary Essential Oil and a Delicious Fragrance

Hair Conditioners 8 Oz - Ingredients: Made in a medium thick natural base that does contain softeners, coconut Oil, emulsifying wax, palm stearic to thicken the base, Panthenol (Vit B), Polyquart 10 (conditions), Olive Oil, Shea Butter, Rosemary & Peppermint essential Oils

Hydrating Leave in Hair Mists 8 Oz each - Ingredients: Aloe vera juice, stearylchronium chloride (detangles/conditions), Fractionated coconut oil, Triglycerides, Kosher vegetable glycerin.

Growth Balm - Use to replaces "hair grease" - Naturally made from coconut oil, shea butter, mango butter, beeswax, soybean oil, olive oil, castor oil, peppermint essential oil and rosemary to strengthen and protect hair from heat.

Growth Oil - Use to freshen hair, moisturize hair and nourish dry scalp without being greasy. It does not contain any mineral oil, made from fresh fixed oils. A rich blend of natural fixed oils and essential oils that help nourish hair back to health. It has an awesome yummy fragrance and your customers are sure to love this line.